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Cleveland Cloudburst Prints

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If ever there was a visual metaphor for the Cleveland psyche this has to be it. It’s a standard overcast day in downtown until after a long gray day the gloom is finally pierced by a ray of sunlight so bright it takes your breath away. This is my first full Cleveland skyline and I wanted it to be as special as that little break in the clouds. 

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Unframed giclee print produced in a limited edition of 150 for each size and signed by Jon C. Lund on Epson heavyweight paper. Large and Extra Large prints can only be shipped nationally unframed. Frames available from www.frame

All framed pieces are finished using Artshield UV protective coating. It's safer, much lighter and there is no glare or glass between you and the image.  

Local delivery of framed pieces now available to the northeastern Ohio area. Please select the delivery charge option from the drop down menu. Pick-up from Lund Studio in Hudson is free.

For delivery of multiple item orders, please select the delivery option and charge for the first item ordered only and the pick-up option for each subsequent item. That way you are only charged for delivery once. 

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