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I had never been to Bay Village before my Wife and I came up to check out a used car for my kids a few years back. The village was like a beautiful secret on the lake shore. The car ended up being a lemon and forgettable but Bay Village was not.

I remember seeing this structure and thinking I had never heard of a Lake Erie lighthouse in this location before. It just took a little research to find out the tower was never a lighthouse but it’s original purpose was as a water tower to store water to irrigate the orchards and vineyards of original Standard oil partner John Huntington who donated his sprawling summer estate to the Cleveland metro parks. The water tower takes it’s place at the most iconic structure in Bay Village.

I wanted to capture the dappled shapes of the light through the trees on the towers southern side as well as the patterns of the bark on the huge sycamore trees that surround it.

Unframed giclee print produced in a limited edition of 100 for each size and signed by Jon C. Lund on Epson heavyweight paper. Standard size 16 x 24 and 24 x 36 frames are available from

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