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Edgewater Park on Ohio's north coast has a storied place in Cleveland's recreational history. Originally purchased by the City's Parks Department in 1894 it's 130 acres were home to many attractions including a dance hall, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, yacht club and it's crown jewel a bath house large enough to accommodate thousands of bathers (swimmers) for changing clothes and getting a bite to eat while visiting the beach. After a decline in the 1960s the park was saved by joining it with 5 other public spaces to make up the Cleveland Lakefront State Park. This image is of my favorite spot to the east of the beach among the willow trees that hang low over the breakwater. This lone willow stands defiantly surrounded by water on three sides daring the lake to take it's best shot.  

Unframed giclee print produced in a limited edition of 100 for each size and signed by Jon C. Lund on heavyweight Epson matte paper. Standard size 16 x 24 and 24 x 36 frames are available from webpictureframes.com

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All framed pieces are finished using Artshield UV protective coating. It's safer, much lighter and there is no glare or glass between you and the image.   

NOW! shipping framed pieces nationwide. No matter where you live you're still a Clevelander, so show you Cleveland pride!

Local delivery of framed pieces now available to the northeastern Ohio area. Please select the delivery charge option of $20.00 from the drop down menu.

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